As green as Westrafo.

Westrafo designs transformers to be used in green energy plants such as wind power plants and solar plants, where the output of the generating set is controlled by inverter applications, or in hydroelectric, biogas or biomass plants where an engine is usually controlling the output of the plant.

Westrafo green energy solar and wind transformers can be designed with low voltage values starting from few volts up to 900 V for low voltage applications with power up to 10 MVA.

Our transformers are highly customizable according to the type of inverter used, the Nominal Power and Voltage needed and the kind of operational environment, all in the respect of high energy efficiency and low power losses.

Thanks to our technology, the transformers are eco-efficient and environmentally friendly, completing the sustainability of green energy plants thanks to the compliance with the latest standards concerning CO2 emissions, environmental risks and energy efficiency.

As a standard, they are endowed with a C3 or higher painting cycle to ensure long lasting protection in outdoor applications and in windy or extremely hot landscapes, limiting pollution risks and extending the lifespan of the carpentry.

Green energy transformers